Thursday, September 15, 2011

Okay So Just Think About This...

There are about 7 billion people living on this earth right now. Many lives already gone and many soon to come.

God has made each and every one of these people different...they are all unique and quirky in their own way.

The way God speaks to each person is different. The way each person is convicted by God is different, as well as what convicts them.

God challenges people with the same thing in different ways.
God has written a different and unique story for every single person that ever was, is, and will be!

Can you imagine the infinite ideas He has for us?!

Can you see the library where He stores every treasured book?

It completely blows my mind, in the best way, to think about how creative our God is. How He can have so many stories that He writes for each person! He amazes me!

When He showed me this, the friend I was with and I, were in awe!

And every time I think about it I still smile in awe at His greatness.

Oh and I honestly am very excited to see that library of His!
My God is not a fairy tale. He is the truth and He is real!

Funny how God reminds you of certain things that you didn't even think you needed to know! And how he reminds you...through different things and people...blows my mind sometimes!