Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"You Gotta Freakin' Tithe Bro"

So that was basically what we were told during tithe and offering tonight at youth group.

He said, we’ve already given you tons of scriptures and you just aren’t doing it and to give you another scripture would be like trying to beat a dead horse ya know….so i’m just gonna tell you this…You gotta freakin’ tithe…you just gotta do it.

This young man told us that he was low on money in is bank account and that he hadn’t been tithing. He started worrying about money and was like what am I gonna do there is so little left. And then he said that God told him “You gotta freakin’ tithe bro”. So he did and half-way through this week this young man already has $500 in his account.


So all I gotta say to all of you…just freakin’ tithe!

Stay blessed!

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